Training workshops – open and in-house programs

We offer an extensive calendar of function based training workshops covering several domains including Taxation, Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales and Distribution, Information Technology, Human Resources, Industrial Relations, etc.

Our Training Methods are based on professional learning principles. We use proven, highly interactive participatory sessions and practical techniques that create discernable behavioral change that can be applied immediately in the workplace.

In addition to open audience programs, we regularly organize in-house workshops, customized for specific requirements of companies.

HR audit
Human Resource Audit

HR Audit is a structured tool used for identifying areas relating to Organization and Human resource development, which needs to be improved. Aspects relating to organization and human resources are assessed through a series of checklists and discussions. Once the checklists and discussions have been completed, the implications of various findings are analyzed and evaluated in the context of current and long-term objectives of the organization. Areas of reform, identified as a result of this analysis, could then be addressed through well-defined and developed programs.