Salary and benefits structure
Design of Pay and Benefits Structure

We assist companies in designing and restructuring compensation structures aligned with their corporate and HR strategy, market practices (which are assessed through surveys) and Income Tax laws. We also work with companies in designing innovative, objective and transparent performance based (variable) compensation plans.

CEO compensation
CEO Compensation Structure

This is a specialist service, aimed at addressing one of the key governance issues of the corporate sector. We maintain a historical database of pay package of the CEO of listed companies (along with their business performance) and are in a unique position to help BoDs / companies ensuring effective alignment between business performance and CEO’s pay.

Organization climate survey
Organization Climate Surveys

Organization Climate surveys (also known as Employee Engagement Surveys) help management to develop an understanding of employee perceptions on various organizational matters. Our approach for these assignments starts with understanding the clients’ concerns, articulating issues to be addressed in the survey, designing & finalizing the questionnaire, conducting survey and analyzing results and report findings for effective use by the management.