Executive search
Executive Search & Head hunting

One of the fundamental responsibilities of Leadership is to ensure placement of right person for the right job. We initiate the process by spending time with clients to understand their recruitment goals, position specifications, hiring processes and company culture. We put emphasis on understanding the personality of the organization and concerned personnel.

As a value added measure, we also offer the option of carrying out various Psychometric assessment tests keeping in the mind the requirements of the position. This further reinforces the quality of the match.

Job description
Job Analysis and Design & Job Evaluation

Job analysis is a fundamental step towards ensuring appropriate job assignment (People Fit) and a seamless organization. Our Job Analysis process is an orderly approach for understanding jobs and focuses on essential functions. Standard Operating Procedures for various functional areas are reviewed. This review is critical for creating a linkage between operational requirements and job responsibilities as understood and practiced by employees. The resulting Job Descriptions and Person Specifications are used to evaluate the jobs using a point rating system to determine the relative significance of various jobs in the organization and develop an internally equitable grading structure.

Salary survey
Salary & Benefits Survey

We assist clients in evaluating and aligning their existing compensation structures vis-à-vis market and industry practices and enterprise’s own corporate objectives and compensation policies. Key steps in the process include:

  • Identification of benchmark positions and development of job summaries and list of comparator organizations
  • Collection of data from comparator organizations.
  • Evaluation of company’s pay data with market statistics and identification of reasons for gap(s).
  • Preparation of recommendations, highlighting implication of gaps.