Sector Study
Sector review

A Sector review is usually the first step before an organization decides in-depth assessment of investment opportunities in a particular sector. Our sector assessment covers demand and supply statistics, demand and supply drivers and projections, profiles of key players and their respective strengths and weaknesses, regulatory environment for the sector, entry and exit barriers, critical success factors, etc.

Feasibility study
Financial Feasibility & Business Plans

We help our clients prepare financial plans to guide project start-ups or expansion plans. Our key focus is on developing robust assumptions and formulating various scenarios and then preparing financial projections based on those assumptions and scenarios.

Investment advisory icon
Investment Advisory

M & A and JV opportunities are available throughout every phase of economic cycle. A keen eye is required for identifying attractively priced entities and assets and show casing such opportunities for clients. Leveraging our network with financial institutions, law firms, investment companies, etc., we regularly identify projects in diverse sectors – FMCG, Consumer durables, Building materials, Pharmaceuticals, IT, etc. We provide end to end solution, starting from due diligence, valuation, facilitating negotiation between parties, completion of legal agreements, etc.